Excel Charting Tip – Invert Negative Values On An Excel Chart

This post will step by step guide your though inverting your negative areas in your Excel charts.

So , charts in Excel not have a problem displaying any negative values. If you want any distinctive number formatting for negative values to be carried for a axis and data labels such as negative values on red, they need to be formatted as you want them to are available in your chart actually in your original data set.

So , let’s begin with a simple column or bar chart. Certain data below represents some very mixed feedback regarding quality of products from an electronics company.

Product Rating

  • pornocam 75
  • Router 80
  • Wireless Keyboard -10
  • Wireless Rabbit -15

We want to plot this data on a straightforward conventional 2d clustered column chart. Generate this chart on the usual way either by hitting the shortcut F11 for making an instant chart, or

Select your data set

Insert Tab- Charts – Insert Column Chart- 2D Clustered Backbone Chart

There are a few things we need to change. Firstly we need to relocate the primary horizontal labels.

Right click on any of the data music labels to bring up the min menu
Select format axis variety the menu
Half way down the list of possible choices you will see the tick mark and axis label controls
Change the axis labels to LOW- this moves products below the plot area
We now need to turn attention to the very negative values, and we want them to be filled with a red colorway in comparison to the positive which we want to be in green. We do not really need to manually adjust the column as it become negative and also positive as we can get Excel to pick from two colours- an individual for negative and one for positive.

To do this we need to go into the formatting settings for the data series – how is to right click on one of the columns and choose the Data format Data Series option.

Now you need to look at the Fill functions and firstly pick Solid fill:

Then, select the tick-box option for Invert if negative. This should then make available to you two fill colour options, the first for positive importance columns which we set as GREEN and the minute for negatives which we will set as RED. This tends to make the negative values really stand out.